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Lesson Plans, Tools and Resources

As we continue to develop our resources, we will be able to provide additional examples of lesson plans, cool tools and other resources you can use to assist schools in the development of their own tools.

For teachers of early elementary students: Tennesee's early childhood PBIS group has adapted some resources that were created by the Technical Assistance Center for Social Emotional Intervention (TACSEI) for use by teachers of early elementary students: Classroom Routine support guide

Helpful SWPBIS-related websites:


Tips to help with behavior issues: www.behaviordoctor.org
Creative lesson plans and cool tools : 
Interventions for each tier: www.pbisworld.com

Tools for Schools Implementing School-Wide Positive Behavior Support

There are many resources available throughout Pennsylvania and the country to enable school districts to successfully implement School-Wide Positive Behavior Support. Check this page periodically to find updated information and training possibilities for your district.

Cost Benefits spreadsheet: This a tool for schools and for use when training to show time saved through program implementation using the schools data.

SWPBIS Videos: looking for a video to help explain a lesson plan or cool tool? Check out these videos.

Homegrown SW-PBIS Videos on Vimeo

Samples of available videos:

Examples to assist with teaching expectations and lesson plans

Bathroom example: "Go, Flush, Wash, Leave"

Cafeteria example: "1-2-3 Dancing Expectations"

High school example: Ashland HS Tardy Project