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The Pennsylvania Positive Behavior Support Network is now part of the Association for Positive Behavior Support Network.

Mission Statement:

The Pennsylvania Positive Behavior Support Network (PAPBS Network), through training and technical assistance,supports schools and their family and community partners to create and sustain comprehensive, school-based behavioral health support systems in order to promote the academic, social and emotional well-being of all Pennsylvania’s students.

Goals and Objectives  

The goal of the PAPBS Network is to ensure that all schools have the necessary technical assistance, collaborative opportunities, and evaluative tools needed to overcome non-academic barriers to learning and achieve competence and confidence in advancing academic, social, and emotional success for all students. In order to achieve this goal the PAPBS Network has identified the following objectives:  

  • Develop and implement a school-wide cross-system approach for supporting the academic and emotional well-being of all students using research-based positive behavioral supports and strategies of varying intensity: 1) universal or preventative strategies for the benefit of all students; 2) secondary strategies for those who will achieve with enhanced supports; and 3) tertiary or intensive services for those who will achieve with intensive and coordinated supports.
  • Achieve sustainability by seeking funding and legislative support for demonstration models, providing training and technical assistance, and encouraging the facilitation of collaborative partnerships among schools, families, youth and agencies.
  • Foster a consistent application of best practice standards among schools, families and agencies.
  • Promote shared values that are consistently demonstrated through practice and partnerships of schools, agencies and families.
  • Develop and embed opportunities for collaboration between systems partners and families.
  • Establish a dialogue that will inform ongoing training needs.
  • Reduce fragmentation of training resources.
  • Conduct cross-systems professional development to ensure a common language, knowledge base, and understanding of supports and services available to children, youth and families.
  • Develop a cross-systems/integrated planning process for individual child/family needs.
  • Develop a cross-systems progress monitoring/data collection system to ensure accountability to the academic achievement and well-being of all children, youth and families.
  • Ensure that youth and families will have opportunities for meaningful participation in all PAPBS Network activities, including the development, provision and monitoring of services, policies and procedures.



What is School-Wide Positive Behavior Support? Factsheet about SWPBS in Pennsylvania