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Harrisburg Office     (Jan28,2016)            King of Prussia Office  (Jan  28,2016)                 
Coaches Day Opening Power Point                           
Coaches Day Opening PP
Advanced Tiers Interventions                                       
Effective Discipline- SW 
Prevent Teach Reinforce                                               
Fidelity Measures SW and PW
Tips II                                                                 PTR Overview
APBS Conference Tips Handout                                   TIPS Model
Fidelity Measures
Administrators toolkit PP
Family Community Involvement
PAPBS Effective Disciplinary Practices - SW session
PW Discipline for Challenging Behavior
Logical Consequences flowsheet
Mifflinburg Elementary flowchart
Example Engagement Strategies
PW Effective Discipline Practices

         January 25, 2018 Coaches meeting

Statewide Materials:

Interconnected Systems Framework - Kelly Perales

PW Classroom Management Strategies

JANUARY25, 2018 :  Western Region Coaches Day Resources:

Intermediate Unit 5: Using the TFI - Tier 2 Interventions

Staff Buy In - Maple Ridge Elementary

CLASS Academy - Classroom Management Session

Coaching and Facilitation presentation- Big Beaver Falls Area SD

Family Engagement- Karns City

Central Valley MS- Student Voice PBIS Session

Family Engagement_ Hillcrest Intermediate School

Trauma Informed Care - Wesley Family Services

Trauma Informed Care Session - Blank Self Care Plan document

Eastern Region Coaches Day Resources- 1/25/18

PW Staff Buy In

PW Coaching Job Description- Easter Seals

Coaches Day Presentation- Family Engagement.pdf

Trauma's Effect on Brain Function

 PW: Classroom Management-Champ/Achieve

SW Intermediate Classroom Management DoJo Presentation

Data Based Decision making - Tier II supports at SVES

Central Region Coaches Day Resources

Program-Wide Materials

Team Meeting Agenda Form
PBIS Classroom Observation
PBIS Classroom Observation Quick 10 min
PBIS Classroom Observation Infant toddler
PW- Individual Coaching Agenda
Day in the Life of a PBIS Coach (PW)

School-Wide Materials:

PBIS Coaches Summit- Student Voice

Staff Buy-In - Chestnut Ridge HS

The SWPBIS Coach- IU # 8

PBIS Tier II Interventions- Indian Valley SD

Classroom Management - Willow Hozelli

Understanding Trauma - Dyane Carrere

Classroom Management Self-evaluation

Control Scale Sample

Playing Card Reinforcement System

Trauma Resources

Marble Maze Direction Sheet

Coaches Day : January 26, 2017 Materials

Early Childhood Presentation Materials

Coaching at a Tier 2 for Grownups PowerPoint
Referral Process to an Outside Mental Health Agency
Mental Health Agency Timeline
Lancaster Head Start Approach to Social Emotional Development and Program
IU13 And Head Start Behavior Collaboration
IU13 HeadStart Agreement
PW Classroom Management
PW Effective Discipline Presentation Coaches Day

Pattan East  Office-Presentations

PW Effective Discipline Presentation Coaches Day

Interconnected System Framework

Harrisburg Pattan Office-Presentations

Tier 2 Practices and Supports
Effective procedures for dealing with discipline and challenging behaviors
Family Student Engagement Guiding Questions
Classroom Management Resources
Classroom Management Tips &Techniques
PBIS Presentation _ Paxtonia SD
Staff Buy in
Family Student Engagement Guiding Questions