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June 9, 2017 UPDATE

CLICK HERE   for the schools and programs recognized at the May 16 &17, 2017 Implementers Forum   
For Early childhood programs that are implementing Program-wide PBIS go to:Current Programs and Sites

News from Schools Implementing SWPBS:

Pennsylvania PBIS in the News: stories from around the state

Perkiomen Valley South Elementary

School/District Expectations:

School building/district administrative overview and discussion with external coach to review project requirements and   
2. Completion of a school building/district-wide PBS Blueprint, designating improved school climate/behavior as one of the top
     three school improvement plan goals in each building through implementaion of SWPBS
3. Working with an external coach (IU consultant/district behavior specialist) with specific FTE (05-.10) to coordinate school 
     building/district SWPBS activities; i.e., an average of 1-2 days over a month's time
4. Development of a cross-agency school building/district leadership team – including parents/caregivers and students – to
    plan, analyze, review and monitor district SWPBS activities
5. Necessary time and resources for building core team training in SWPBS research-based practices and implementation
    processes. This has included:
            • Training delivered in a timely manner to ensure continuity of understanding and application 
            • 3-5 days for SWPBS training in universal (all students) prevention/intervention for all personnel 
            • 3-5 days of professional development in secondary (some students) prevention/intervention for all personnel 
            • 3-5 days of professional development in tertiary (few students) prevention/intervention for all personnel
6.  Allocation of funds to adequately support SWPBS activities
7. Development of a continuum of opportunities to involve parents/caregivers and students in district and building level SWPBS 
8. Adherence to timelines, protocols and requirements of the Commitment to Fidelity Implementation written agreement
9. Support for SWPBS as described above for a minimum of three years

Supporting documentation may included but is not limited to:

• Documents developed as part of a school's product book
• PowerPoint presentations
• Photographs
• Highlights from district action plans
• Media coverage
• Grant award letters
• Documentation of family/community activities
• Tier evaluation activities conducted by the PAPBS Network
• PBS school-based and/or coaches' meeting minutes
• PBS school-based action plans and implementation plans
• Announcements
• Reports
• School improvement plans
• Dissemination of PAPBS information (how, to whom, when, why, etc.)
• Documentation of fundraising events and outcomes
• Data-based decision-making indicating changes made to implementation (specifically what was altered, when, by whom and
  the outcome based on data)
• Collaboration efforts with school-based personnel, other schools, districts and state